Sights The “Fougaro” Library - “Anthos"

The “Fougaro” Library - “Anthos"

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Cell Fougaro, the Library Arts and Humanities, feeds and supports the intellectual and creative forces of society, supporting the work of the Fougaro.

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Designated Thought, Search, Contact. Knowledge Centre and Creative Expression for young and old alike. Fosters creative living consciously .

The "Anthos" Library was founded in 2000. Created from the personal library of Florikas Kyriacopoulos and then enriched by other donations of books, magazines and audiovisual material .

This is a Library of Art and Humanities material which consists of titles in three main languages, Greek, English and French. It contains about 14,000 books, 150 magazines and newspapers and abroad, as well as archival material for artists.

It also exposed a part of the collection of contemporary art Florikas Kyriakopoulou, at times alternating.


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The "Anthos" Library also maintains a blog at, for updating of friends, and the list is posted at

Since 2008, the Library Anthos has created avenues for cooperation with local cultural institutions, museums, galleries, schools and universities. Within these have become educational programs, theatrical and musical performances and workshops relating to customary circle. Since 2010, the Library partnered with Flower Center Greek Studies of the University of Harvard, based in Nafplio.

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Visiting Hours
Monday - Tuesday: Closed
Wednesday - Sunday: 18.00 - 23.00

Head of Library Maria Konstantopoulou

Tel. No.:  27520 47380

E-mail:   This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it