Ports – Port Authority

Ports – Port Authority

                                                                                   View of Port in Nafplio
Port Authority

The administrative structure of the Port Authority Nafplio has the following structure, in which the responsibilities of each sector / department are presented briefly:

  • Port Police
    • Fisheries Department (Licensed Professional - amateur, individual and boats)
    • Department of Small Vessels
    • Department of Licensing (Permits operator speedboat, license salvage and boat launch, all permissions for sea activities ex. License diver and lifeguard)
    • Department of Judicial Affairs (Processing of all cases of administrative fines and general criminal offenses)
    • Traffic Department (checks for traffic, Application of highway code in land area ports)
    • Department of Marine Media Recreation (Licensing and control of activities of maritime assets leased recreation ex. Water bikes, windsurfing)
  • House of nausea (Customer insured NAT - Navy Pension Fund)
                      View of Port in Nafplio
  • Aboard Office (Sanction of documents of calling vessels, payment of port fees, medical committees for version of the Seaman's book, completing documents for introduction to the Merchant Marine Academy)
  • Security Sector (denouncement of theft and general criminal investigation)
  • Registration Segment (Registration of vessels over 12 meters)

                                                                                   View of Port in Nafplio

Port Authority of Ναfplio                            Tel: 27520 27022/22974

Harbour Station in Τοlo                              Tel: 27520 59335

Harbour Station in Paralio Astros             Tel: 27550 51445

Harbour Station in Λeonidio                      Tel: 27520 22387


Port of Nafplio

  • Length of harbor beneficial for mooring ships approximately 1100 meter
  • Tethering of ships with a draft on average by 6 meters. (In any case of mooring the prior consultation with the Port Authority Nafplio is absolutely necessary )
  • Port Guard room within the Port
  • Available water supply
  • The filling up with fuel is accomplished ​​by external entities - individuals
  • Public toilets (next to train station)
Harbour of Tolo
  • Length of harbour beneficial for mooring ships about 300 meters
  • In any case of mooring the prior consultation with the Coast Guard station of Tolo is absolutely necessary
    Harbour Station
  • Available electricity power
  • The filling up with fuel is accomplished by external entities - individuals

Port facilities are also available in Vivari and Iria

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                                                                                   View of harbour in Tolo

                                                                                   View of harbour in Iria