Municipality M.S. of Assini Drepano - Vivari

Drepano – Vivari

                                                          View of Drepano from neighboring "Lagoon"


Drepano is a beautiful traditional village just 9 km from the center of Nafplio, which combines the lush greenery of mandarins on the blue beach of Plaka. This traditional village is built on the back of the small hill Mill (Agios Nikolaos) overlooking the open sea. The feature of this village is that most homes have been built on rocky ground and very close to each other. The narrow and steep streets of Drepano are tantamount to island. 

Drepano until WWII was called "Haidari" but around 1940 (according to testimonies of locals) got its current name. Drepano until it joined the new Kallikrates Municipality of Nafplion was the seat of the municipality of Assini, where the seat of the Town Hall and other City services existed.

Close to the village center and more precisely in the road which joins scythes Assini, there is a traditional stone windmill that awakens memories of local tradition and you can take unique pictures of the landscape.

In the village square, the Church St. Andrianos & St. Natalia, celebrated on 25-26 August and organized the biggest traditional festival in the region. Also noteworthy churches are St. Spyridon, St.Paraskevi, St. Georgios and St. Nikolaos.

Drepano, wetted and cooled by Plaka beach is a developed tourist village that keeps alive the customs and traditions of the region.

                         Old Windmill

The Residents of Drepano deal with tourism, agriculture, animal husbandry, fisheries and trade. Also, twice a week a "bargain" takes place in the centre of the village with local products of the area, which, especially during the summer months, brings the attention of visitors to the region. 

Hotel facilities, campsites, apartments, studios, traditional furnished apartments, lodges and rooms for families are organized near the sea, and many of them support access for disabled people.


Also, traditional tavernas in the square and Plaka beach with fresh seafood of Argolikos Gulf and local meat constitute another reason for someone to visit Drepano.

Square of Drepano
(Lat: 37.540217522728234, Long: 22.892423272103656)

drepano4                                  Square of Drepano


                                                                                               Plaka Beach


Following the main road or a path from Drepano, the visitor will arrive in a quaint fishing village, the most protected harbor of Argolida, known as Vivari.

The Vivari is a charming seaside village with unique charm, the crystal clear beach attracts visitors. The bay of Vivari is a large natural harbor, protected from the wind and is famous for its overnight anchorage of giot or other vessels.

                                                                                     View of Vivari Gulf

The touristic infrastructure of Vivari is very organized with apartments, rooms, studios, traditionally furnished homes, hotels and the like. So by staying at traditional accommodations, someone earns the chance to taste traditional dishes, unforgettable traditional tavern tastes, all in panoramic views of the Gulf of Argolis. 

                                                                                     Department of beach Vivari

Between Drepano and Vivari extends the famous lagoon, an ecosystem for the reproduction of fish. Residents of Vivari deal with tourism, fishing, agriculture and commerce citrus and vegetables. 

    vivari3    vivari4
              Department of beach from Candia to Saint Nikolaos                                                     View of Port Vivari

At the centre of the village there is the Church of the Prophet Elijah celebrated on July 19-20.The traditional feast with local meats, drinks and dancing held until the early hours of the morning. Churches such as Virgin White (the view from the Virgin and to the Lagoon and St. Nicholas is amazing-worth a visit), the Pigi (Marathia) and Agios Nikolaos (Beach envelope) are also noteworthy. The nearby beaches of Plaka, Condili, Vivari can cool everyone during the summer months.

Your stay at Vivari is an ideal place for relaxing and pleasant holidays with alternative routes that combine mountain and sea.

                                                                                     The view of Vivari
 Square of Vivari - JN Prophet Elias
(Lat: 37.536789053864936, Long: 22.917389273614276)