Municipality M. S. of Midea Agia Triada (Holy Trinity)

Agia Triada (Holy Trinity)

The village called Agia Triada (Holy Trinity) or as it was called earlier "Merbaka" is just 10 kilometers from Nafplio and 6 from Argos. For many years it was the center of the former municipality of Midea, services and City Hall were housed in buildings of the village. It was located centrally in Argolikos plain and it is surrounded by orange groves. 

The name "Mermpaka" probably derives from the Latin bishop of Corinth Willen Van Moerbeke, who was a Dominican, Orientalist and philosopher. Then in 1277, he was named by Pope John Bishop 21st and remained for several years in the region and more specifically in the monastery, which was where now the church Assumption stands. Moerbeke is enlisted by many contemporary French historians, indicating that it was an excellent scientist for his time.

The Church of the Assumption is one of the most important Byzantine churches of the period of the Komnenos in both Argolida and Greece.

      Holy Church. Holy Trinity - Central Square of Village

The area which has been built according to sources, was called "Vouzi", a name which has been forgotten and not recognized anymore even by many residents of the area.

We do not know the exact date of the reconstruction of the church, but many scholars argue that the possible chronology of reconstruction took place either in late 12th century or in the 13th. The murals of the church have been dated from the late 13th century, perhaps in the early 14th. But the murals may have been in later times in relation to the building of the temple.

More information about Church of Assumption can be found in the "Archaeological Sites - Points of Interest"

                                                                                         Church "Assumption"
The village named Holy Trinity, as a centre of the abolished municipality Midea where it belonged, has highly developed commercial activity with shops, pharmacies, services such as OTE, ELTA, CCP, Bank etc. 

The village offers Nursery, standard Primary School, High School, also Regional Medical Centre, Police Station, Cultural Centre and Training Centre for Social Support Training for People with Disabilities (K.E.K.Y.K.A.ME.A.)

    Ag_triada3   Ag_triada4
                                        Elementary School                                                                                 High School
    Ag_triada5   Ag_triada6
                                     Regional Medical Centre                                                                      Cultural Centre

In the centre of the village lies the church of the Holy Trinity, around a large square with shops, modern cafes, traditional cafes and taverns with local pastries and tastes. Especially when the patron saint of the village is celebrated (Feast of the Holy Spirit), guests from across the Argolida flock to the village of Holy Trinity, and one of the largest fairs in the area is made in the square.

The "Educational Association Trinity" is very important for the history of the village, but also for most cultural and cultural happenings in the village .It's action is long, rich and multifaceted. Dance classes (traditional and continental), theatrical performances, tours, organizing lectures and concerts are some of the activities of the Association.

                                                     Training Centre of Social Training Support for disabled People

The story of the football team of the village name, "Pammideatikos'', is great. It was founded in 1926 and its course was remarkable. In regards to the sports sector, it is notable that in Holy Trinity today (2011) already a football operates and soon a modern gymnasium will be delivered to the public.

Central Square - Church Trinity
(Lat: 37.63766718899725, Long: 22.80572354790627)

                                                                                       Panoramic view of the Trinity