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Motor Vehicle Museum

A non profitable organization, the MVM (Motor Vehicle Museum) is the long awaited and long desired result of passionate collectors through an orchestrated attempt to materialize a dream.

Through the Vintage Car Exhibition, the Greek Federation of Vintage Vehicle (Greek Acronym: E.O.O.E) wishes to present and revive the cultural and industrial heritage of the place. The cars are of Greek or other manufacturing origin. The goal of the exhibition is a full observation-understanding of the developmental stages that the car has undergone in conjunction with the socioeconomic factors that have led to that development.


Apart from the exhibition's educational nature, each exhibit is a stimulus for memory recollection and remembrance, for instance, towards those who have actually lived the era of motorization, to those identifying the objects of exhibition with Greek or foreign filming and last but not least, to those who share the same passion and love for vintage cars.



The Museum's hall welcomes each and every one to familiarize with the rarity and high level of vintage car preservation, which do function perfectly, despite their "old" age. What's more, the Museum holds a special unit-library with books, audio-visual material, all related to the car.

One of the MVM's activities is the annual meeting of the Regularity Rally on historic cars and motorbikes, a beauty car contest "Concours d' Elegance" and a spare part bazaar for vintage cars.

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The Museum opens under request, so to better organize your private visit, we do advise those interested to settle a particular date by emailing us to:

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Telephone number:  27520 47232

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