In 1951, the public library "Palamidis" was founded by the like Institution. It is located in a neoclassical building which was formerly used as a girls' school.


The role of the library was enhanced in the years following the war by becoming a cultural center of the city. It was through donations and charity work that some 3500 books were assembled and were thus offered to the Nafplio citizens in classifying order.

To this present day, the Library holds a 70.000 title record (13.000 literature books and child books). There is also a record being kept of newspaper extracts, some contemporary, others older. What is more, over 700 books dealing with themes from the local community, contemporary magazine reviews, school teaching companions, reference books offer a wide selection of choice.


Interesting is the fact that there is a selection of special collections, deriving from charities, such as that of Aggelos Terzakis family, who has donated part of their private library to the Palamidis' one. One of these collections is the segment of the Library dedicated to "the first Secondary School in Greece", comprising precious books, old style books, books by the Tutors of the Greek Nation and rare editions of 18th and 19th century. The oldest book in the Library dates back from 1504.


The Library has also placed a lending policy, with thousands of books on the loan scale. There is also a reading room for those wishing to scratch a book from private collections, find data from the audio and visual material extended by the Library itself and surf the Internet charge-free.


Within the chambers of the library, the wonder world of the book is not the only feature one can walk through. The participation of citizens in the cultural activities of the city is also another suggestion. Many distinguished people, of arts and sciences roll up the curtains of the library to project their works and converse with the readers.


Educational programs usually run for the younger aged readers. For those youngsters who cannot come to the compounds of the library, there is a "Mobile Library Unit", lending books to children and teenagers. 

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The Palamidis Library, finally, gives the opportunity to everyone to search in our website ( ( for any reference material or book title.  is the website address for anyone wishing to find more information on the PALAMIDIS Library.


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(Lat: 37.56648303950156, Long: 22.797258496255267)
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